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Digital Transformation

The Business Platforms Digital Transformation service helps organizations in the development of digital transformation strategies across the full product lifecycle, in alignment with the vision of Industry 4.0. Our approach ensures alignment of technology with the client’s business processes while meeting compliance and efficiency in process execution. Business Platforms consultants bring extensive experience in operations systems and data technologies for Production, Manufacturing, and Business Intelligence.


Investigation and Analysis provides the input to our modelling process. Enabling our consultants to design, develop and implement end-to-end visibility of plant operations. This allows for Continuous Process Verification (CPV), Continuous Improvement (CI), and advanced models for yield and process monitoring.


Continuous Process Improvement - Either incremental or breakthrough facilitates improvement over time. Business Platforms visualization tools including digital twins allows our consultants to view the full product lifecycle using lower level production data. This results in opportunities to maximizing throughput/output, whilst minimizing waste/dead time.


Insight and Innovation  - Business Platforms helps organizations utilize the data available by using information management strategies. The transformed data then leads to actionable, profit maximizing insights.

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